A Contractor, Training Contractors.

Hi, my name is Scott and I’d like to share my story with you of going from a broke kid in high school working out of my parents garage to growing a million dollar painting contracting business and then selling it to teach other contractors how to dominate.

I grew up in a small town in rural Illinois. Pretty much no one from this town ever really achieved anything great. And it was my goal to be the exception to the rule.

After years of “just getting by” something incredible
happened. I got lucky. I had actually named my business after the city I lived in and named my website the same thing. Like I teach in the training “city plus service.”

And had no idea of how good of an idea it was. On top of that, I started to notice I was getting more calls and requests for estimates.

I thought to myself, ok let’s do this. Let me take a look online and see if its actually my website that was getting this new flood of incoming work. So I opened up my laptop, typed in my service and city and to my surprise. There it was. My website pinned to the top of the search results.

Fast forward 5 years and hundreds of thousands of jobs completed. My life changed. From new vehicles to hiring the best sub contractors, to traveling to purchasing the best office space on the busiest corner in town. I feel like I have made something of myself. Not to mention everyone wants to work with us. Even some of the largest commercial builders from all over the US come to our town and build health clubs, clothing stores and you name it are wanting to work with us. If I could point to the most important reason for our growth, it would be our website. And the fact its been pinned to the top of local search. These days, the true freedom you desire, starts with learning lead gen. Times are changing, customers want better service and today more than ever, you see businesses “closing their doors” because they are getting beat online.

Anyway, Over the past 5 years I have taken this skillset to a new level. Having always sought out to be the best at what I do and having decided to learn everything I could about getting customers using your website I have hired the best coaches and some of the most well known mentors in this space. And after having spent tens of thousands of dollars on masterminds and hanging out with the most well known names in the construction industry, I’ve perfected my craft and am teaching other contractors how to get more jobs, do more estimates and take their business to a new level of growth. Now with the popularity of social media, its easier than ever for contractors to grow your business. But to win online you have to put in the work, learn lead gen and have a system in place.

As of today, scottpfleeger.com has helped over 300 Contractors grow their business. From contractors just getting started to others who have been in business 30 years and are expanding. My goal is to train 10,000 more, contractors in the next 10 years.


As of today, scottpfleeger.com has helped over 300 Contractors. We teach our students how to grow their business using an online course I’ve created. A course that anyone can consume at anytime and learn how to grow their contracting business, fast. From contractors just getting started to others who are a few years into it to some who have been in business 30 years and are expanding. My goal is to train 10,000 more, contractors in the next 5 years. And, given the fact there are over 800,000 construction companies as of 2019, that should be doable.

What About You?

Whether your looking to dominate your competition or for the freedom to live the lifestyle you always wanted, our program(s) will help you do just that.  If after reading this, you believe my company can help you grow and teach you to replicate what my students and I have done, consider looking at our program (The Lead Machine) We strive to have the best products out there and we won’t stop until there is no argument that the scottpfleeger.com team is where you go when you want to grow a super successful contracting business.